Beautiful ready-made bouquets and seasonal mono bunches are also one of the many items that we are able to offer in our web shop.

Everybody has heard of the saying that you should not be sleeping with too many plants in the bedroom because you may suffer from lack of oxygen. Luckily, Teeuwen Flowers is here to bust this old and rusty myth with scientific proofs.
Here is which plants fit your bedroom d├ęcor best and how they benefit your air, breathing and stress levels.

Have you ever been in the situation where these wonderful flowers decide just not to bloom? Find out what to do and how to open them with care. If your big bouquet has bloomed a bit too early, make your flowers last longer with these few tips!

Welcome to Teeuwen Flowers first blog post. Here is a preview into our summer campaign and flowers that will be used in the designs. Get inspired with these photos and learn a thing or two about your favourite summer flowers.